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Ambulatory Care Specialty Pharmacy Review and Recertification Course

Offered by ASHP and the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), this two-day review course is based on the domains, tasks, and knowledgestatements outlined by BPS [External Link] [PDF] for the examination and provides a robust preparatory curriculum for the ambulatory care pharmacy professional preparing for the examination.

Analyzing methods for improved management of workflow in an outpatient pharmacy setting

AJHP - June 2012

The results of a workflow analysis at a large central outpatient pharmacy are reported, with theoretical modeling of potential efficiencies attainable through workflow enhancements.

Are PBMs and Managed Care Plans Killing Your Pharmacy?

  • Do you know how to prepare and handle yourself in an audit and effectively respond to discrepancies?
  • Did you know that chances are your pharmacy will be audited multiple times in 2014?
  • Did you know that if a pharmacy did not receive PAAS assistance before their audit – the average initial discrepancy in 2012 was $10,737?
  • Do you know how to negotiate with Third Parties?
  • Can you calculate and project your profit from a Third-Party network?

Are you aware that you are being evalulated?

Pharmacy Today - September 2013

In a recent meeting with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), the discussion centered on the importance of CMS star ratings for Medicare Advantage (MA) and prescription drug plans (PDP) in terms of performance, marketability, and bonus incentives and the potential impact practicing pharmacists can have on the different measures on which they are rated.


Competence Assessment Tools for Health-System Pharmacies

By Murdaugh, Lee B.
Competence Assessment Tools for Health-System Pharmacies is a complete human resource competence assessment program, this benchmark resource ensures pharmacies comply with the competence assessment standards of The Joint Commission.

Iowa Drug Information Service for Community Pharmacy Practice

The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy has been providing leading drug information services to health professionals for 50 years. The Iowa Drug Information Service, IDIS 4.0 Drug Database, provides the best user experience to quickly obtain the drug information you need to succeed.

Patient Care Service Models

Park Nicollet: Pioneers in Accountable Care - Pharmacy Today - August 2013

Maryland P3 Pilot Expands to State Employees - Pharmacy Today - August 2013

Creating Innovative Models for MTM - Pharmacy Today - August 2013

Pharmacy Forecast: 2015-2019: Strategic Planning Advice for Pharmacy Departments in Hospitals and Health Systems

William A. Zellmer WA, editor

Published December 2014
Center for Health-System Pharmacy Leadership, ASHP Research and Education Foundation.

Provider Status

Advocacy Activity

Issue Summaries

Policy Analysis

Sample Pharmacist Job Discription - NC Department of Health and Human Resources

For review, a sample pharmacist job description.  This sample is provided on the NC DHHS Division of Human Resources website,  DHHS Banding Forms.

‘Smart spend that pays’: APhA advances provider status initiative

APhA has announced a major effort to obtain recognition of pharmacists as providers in the health care system. A major component of that recognition is the listing of pharmacists as providers in the Social Security Act. Provider listing in the Social Security Act is an important component in the ultimate goal of providing consumers and other health care providers with access to our services. For patients to achieve the full benefit of their medications, pharmacists must be part of the team.


ASHP and the ASHP Foundation offers a number of traineeships – postgraduate, short-term, planned and structured self-study and experiential programs in specified areas of pharmacy practice. A traineeship provides pharmacists with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a coordinated patient care program.

What Is Keeping Retail Pharmacies out of the Specialty Game?

Specialty Pharmacy News - August 2013

As a result of the boom in generics, retail pharmacies are facing declining revenues all over the country. One strategy many of these pharmacies are using to stave off further losses is to incorporate a specialty pharmacy strategy into their business.