Three standard domains reflect the overarching purpose of telehealth pharmacy practice accreditation:

Practice Management
Patient Care Services
Quality Improvement

The standards under each domain outline specific requirements while the corresponding narrative serves as the basis for evaluating the practice for accreditation.

All standards are required for accreditation except those designated as "Goal".  "Goal" standards are aspirational, thus accredited practices will be expected to be working towards these "Goals".  As best practices evelove and becom more prevalenet, "Goal" standards will eventually be required for accreditation.

It is expected for accreditation that the patient care and dispensing services provided by the pharmacy practice demonstrate compliance with applicable state and antional regulatory requriements and/or standards established by a recognized organization appropriate for the services provided.

Standard Domain 1: Practice Management

The pharmacy practice is appropriately managed to allow for safe and effective delivery of service.

  • Organizational Structure
  • Staffing to deliver quality services
  • Environment for service delivery
  • Information systems and technology
  • Interoperability of health information system
  • Integrity, security and privacy of patient information and data
  • Business model to support the delivery of patient care service

Standard Domain 2: Patient Care Services

The pharmacy practice provides patient-centered services.

  • Improving patient medication use, health and wellness
  • Medication therapy managment sercies
  • Staff training and professional development
  • Process for evaluating patient care services

Standard Domain 3: Quality Improvement

The pharmacy practice ooperates a continuous quality improvement (CQI) progrma to enhance patient safety.

  • Operation of a CQI program
  • Training and education of staff on CQI initiatives
  • Consumer feedback to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes of care
  • Call Center performance

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