Document Assessment

After your application and supplemental documentation have been processed, you will receive a Document Assessment. The Document Assessment is a tool provided for self-reporting policies and procedures and other documentation demonstrating compliance with the standards. 

The Document Assessment and the referenced policies, procedures and other documentation should be submitted within 90 days of receiving the Assessment. The Assessment requests policies, procedures and other documentation pertaining to:

Development and Control of Policies and Procedures

Licensing and Compliance


  • Job descriptions, hiring and credentialing personnel including licensure verification process, training documentation, performance and competency assessment

Management Processes

  • Mission statement, organizational structure, and fraud waste and abuse
  • Collection, evaluation, and documentation of pharmacy workload

Product Receipt and Storage

  • Inventory control, environmental conditions, compounding processes, housekeeping procedures

Prescription Processing

  • Validation of prescriptions, patient prescriber relationship

Patient Information and Drug Utilization Review (DUR)

  • Demographics, medication history, DUR processes, available references

Information Systems and Security

Confidentiality of Patient Information

  • Access, information destruction, provision of privacy practice, physical layout for patient privacy

Patient Care Services

  • Selection of services rationale – demographics, patient need, sustainability, methodologies for service provision, service goals, quality improvement processes

Patient Consultation

  • Performance, documentation, communication methodologies and barriers addressed, medication recalls

Quality Improvement

  • Quality related events defined, data collected, evaluated, and reported, analysis and action