Accreditation Process for Telehealth Pharmacy

The accreditation process is comprised of several components:

Submission of documents
On-site survey
Determination of accreditation status


What are the steps to becoming accredited?


  • Submit the application and supplemental documentation. The supplemental documentation includes business and ownership information, personnel and facility licensure. 
  • b.    Submit payment

Document Assessment

  • After your application and supplemental documentation have been processed, you will receive the Document Assessment.
  • The Document Assessment is a tool provided for self-reporting policies, procedures demonstrating compliance with the standards.  This tool will assist you in collecting and organizing policies and procedures for submission.
  • The Document Assessment and the referenced policies and procedures should be submitted to the secure cloud folder provided within 90 days of your receiving the assessment tool.
  • Your policies and procedures are reviewed and you will be notified if any policies and procedures are missing or require clarification.
  • This notification is followed by a phone call to you to verify receipt of the report and for you to ask questions regarding how to achieve compliance.
  • You are eligible for on-site survey as soon as the documentation is complete and verified as meeting the program standards.

Site Survey

a.    Survey Date

  • You may request dates to be avoided for the site survey. These requests must be submitted as early in the accreditation process as possible to be given consideration. When possible, these requested dates will be avoided; however, it cannot be guaranteed.
  • For multisite organizations, a headquarters site visit is schedule followed by unannounced surveys at additional sites.
  • You will receive a general survey agenda, specifics will be avoided in keeping with the principals of an unannounced survey.

b.    You are provided with guidance regarding the survey process.

  • The surveyor will be a pharmacist and arrive at the pharmacy during normal business hours.
  • Surveyors are sensitive to the business of the pharmacy practice, recognizing that these are unannounced surveys and you need to take care of patients. Surveyors typically avoid Monday mornings and the day immediately before or after a holiday.
  • The surveyor will physically review the overall  pharmacy operation and patient care areas, review patient records for compliance with policies and procedures, observe counseling and patient care services being performed in the call centers. The surveyor will ask questions of the personnel concerning their duties and responsibilities all relating to adherence to policies and procedures and deliver of patient care.
  • The surveyor will provide a verbal report of areas of non-compliance with the standards as well as any consultative suggestions.

c.     Following the survey of the pharmacy practice, you will receive a letter stating your site survey is complete or there are outstanding items to address. You will be requested to respond with a plan of corrective action for any outstanding items.

d.    When all outstanding items from the site survey are complete, your accreditation report is reviewed by the CPPA Accreditation Oversight Committee. The committee determines your accreditation status. 

e.    The CPPA Executive Director notifies you of your accreditation decision in writing.  If you achieve accreditation status at this time you will receive the accreditation toolkit and can proudly display the CPPA Accreditation logo.

  • A certificate of accreditation, a window cling seal of accreditation, digital files with the accreditation seal and guidelines for use of the seal will be provided when the process has been completed.
  • Press release