Chronic Disease Education Programs

Education program goals would include:

Information about the disease state itself (including where the information came from)

  • Diagnosis
  • Risk factors
  • Disease progression including if untreated or undertreated
  • Common co-morbidities (for example, diabetic patients often also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol)
  • Treatment options – medications and alternative/complementary strategies

Information on steps the patient or caregiver can take

  • Prevention including decreasing or eliminating risk factors
  • Self-monitoring and some of the barriers
  • Self-management of disease state or condition including overcoming common obstacles to patient management and compliance issues

Typically in ‘class’ format, will not be individualized to the patient. The goal is to prevent disease, or spread of a disease, or improve treatment of disease by educating patients and caregivers about self-management and the importance of compliance with the ultimate goal to decrease health care utilization by improved patient health.