What is the expected timeframe from application to accreditation?

Accreditation is a very dynamic and rigorous process requiring attention to details and commitment.  In general, the accreditation process takes from eight (8) to twelve (12) months depending on the preparation and responsiveness of the applicant.

1.  Application and Supplemental Documentation

  • The time to complete the application is generally three hours depending on the number of state licenses held by the practice.
  • Organizations applying for accreditation for multiple practice locations provide the business and ownership information and personnel and facility licensure for all the applicable sites so the application completion time will be longer.
  • A welcome letter, a letter of agreement and an invoice is sent to you upon receipt of the application.

2.  Document Assessment

  • After your application and supplemental documentation have been processed, letter of agreement signed, and your payment is received, you will receive the Document Assessment Checklist via email.
  • An accredition surveyor name and contact information will be provided.
  • The Document Assessment Checklist is a tool provided for self-reporting policies, procedures, and other supporting documentation demonstrating compliance with the standards. It will assist you in collecting and organizing policies and procedures for submission.
  • The Document Assessment Checklist and the referenced policies and procedures should be submitted to the secure cloud folder, provided, within 120 calendar days of receiving the checklist.
  • The applicant alerts the surveyor when the Document Assessment Checklist and all documents have been uploaded.
  • Your policies, procedures, and other supporting documentation are reviewed and you will receive a written report noting if any policies, procedures, or other supporting documentation are missing or require clarification. A conference call will be scheduled with you and your team to discuss the report and any questions as well as to plan for the on-site survey. 
  • You are eligible for the on-site survey as soon as the documentation is complete, verified as meeting the program standards, and indicated by your surveyor. 

3.  Site Survey

  • You are provided with guidance regarding the upcoming survey process.
  • The unannounced survey generally occurs within 6 weeks of survey eligibility notification. While on site, the surveyor may request additional documents/documentation to be sent after the survey is completed.
  • Within four to six weeks following the survey of the Pharmacy, you will receive a survey letter reiterating your best practices, consultative suggestions, and report stating your site survey is complete or there are outstanding items to address for compliance with standards. Within 30 days of receipt of the survey letter and report, a written response with a plan of corrective action and timeline for any outstanding items is required.
  • When all outstanding items from the site survey are complete, your accreditation report is reviewed by the CPPA Accreditation Committee. The committee recommends your accreditation status to the CPPA Board of Directors. The committee is a volunteer group of pharmacists with expertise in specialty pharmacy practice who have been appointed by each of the partner organizations. 
  • You are notified of your accreditation decision in writing.