CPPA Issues Specialty Pharmacy Joint Accreditation to the Partnership Between Dierbergs Pharmacy of Missouri and KloudScript™, Inc

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA), a partnership of pharmacy-based organizations, announced today that it has awarded specialty pharmacy practice accreditation to Dierbergs Pharmacy of St. Louis, Missouri, in partnership with KloudScript™, Inc., a community-led specialty pharmacy care network.  

In 1980, Dierbergs, a St. Louis-based grocer, opened its first in-store pharmacy at its West Oak supermarket in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Dierbergs Pharmacy’s mission has always been to maintain a positive and patient-orientated environment to ensure the highest quality customer service and patient care.

Greg Guenther, RPh, Dierbergs Director of Pharmacy Services, anticipates a positive impact on Dierbergs specialty business since becoming CPPA accredited, in partnership with KloudScript. “This was not a simple check the box on the list accreditation, but an in-depth, grueling review of our programs, procedures, philosophy and perseverance towards patient care,” said Guenther. “This recognition was not just for our specialty program, but for our whole pharmacy practice. It is the tenacity of the visits that bring the honor of accreditation. KloudScript helped us not only attain specialty accreditation, but also a higher plateau of patient care overall,” Guenther noted.

CPPA’s mission, which is unique among accreditors, is to serve the public health by raising the level of pharmacy‐delivered patient care services through accreditation. CPPA provides a standardized method for recognizing exceptional pharmacy practices that promote practice innovation and empower pharmacists to practice at a higher level. CPPA recognizes pharmacy practices that are committed to fostering medication safety and effectiveness, ensuring continuous quality improvement, and facilitating desired patient health outcomes.

Specialty medications are often high investment, require unique handling procedures, and involve complex treatment regimens that require ongoing clinical monitoring and patient education. “Ensuring that specialty pharmacies provide services that help patients achieve desired, cost-effective outcomes is a key component of CPPA’s specialty pharmacy accreditation,” said CPPA Chairman and APhA Executive Vice President and CEO Thomas E. Menighan. “CPPA’s accreditation of Dierbergs Pharmacy and KloudScript provides an important recognition that its pharmacy services support these goals.”

KloudScript’s pharmacy partners provide care to patients locally; while KloudScript provides the necessary strategy, infrastructure, and support services, including financial case management through its hub, to operate a specialty program that improves overall clinical outcomes and meet the rigorous standards of quality and care as required by CPPA. “Accreditation with Dierbergs Pharmacy proudly displays our commitment to improving overall patient clinical outcomes and lowering patient out of pocket costs. By building our network of accredited pharmacy partners, we continuously demonstrate to prescribers, payors and pharmaceutical manufacturers that our specialty-at-retail care model continuously meets the meticulous standards of quality and care, but also provides for an engaged patient who is happy to receive their medication and care from the community pharmacy they trust,” said Dr. Rinku A. Patel, Founder & CEO of KloudScript, Inc.

For more information about the CPPA accreditation process, including standards, a self-assessment tool, and application materials, visit www.pharmacypracticeaccredit.org.

About CPPA

The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA) is a nonprofit organization established in 2012 through a partnership of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) to recognize pharmacy practices for providing patient care services that improve health outcomes and contribute to lower health care costs. The CPPA mission, unique among accreditors, is to raise the level of pharmacy-delivered patient care services through accreditation and, thus, serve the public health. These three organizations saw a need to establish standards to meet the public’s need for specific, predictable, and measurable pharmacist clinical services across the medication use continuum.

About Dierbergs®

In 1980, Dierbergs, a St. Louis-based grocer with roots dating to 1854, opened its first in-store pharmacy at its West Oak supermarket in Creve Coeur, Mo.  Dierbergs Pharmacy’s mission has always been to maintain a positive and patient-orientated environment to ensure the highest quality customer service and patient care. Today, Dierbergs operates full service pharmacies in 22 of its 25 supermarkets, across the St. Louis and Southern Illinois metropolitan areas. Dierbergs Pharmacy built its reputation on quality, personalized care with a list of services including specialty pharmacy, mobile prescription fills with texting notification, synchronized monthly medication fills, over-the-counter drug consultations, immunizations, delivery, and health education. Learn More about Dierbergs at: www.dierbergs.com.

About KloudScript™, Inc.

Headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, KloudScript™, Inc a digital health network focused on providing technology and support services for specialty medications.  KloudScript partners with community pharmacies, prescribers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and payors to make specialty medications available locally for patients through a simplified care experience from their pharmacist. Through its technology platform, KETU™, and support services, KloudScript has pioneered the ultimate solution for patients’ desire for local care and community pharmacies’ strategic need to participate in the fastest growing segment of pharmacy. Learn more about KloudScript’s growing network at www.kloudscript.com or call (855) 202-7036.