New CPPA Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation Program Accepting Applications

WASHINGTON, DC – The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA) today announced the launch of a new accreditation program for specialty pharmacy practices. The application for accreditation and the newly approved specialty pharmacy accreditation standards are available at

The size and scope of specialty pharmacy is growing rapidly. The World Preview 2013, Outlook to 2018 Report projects that by 2018, 6 of the 10 best-selling medications by revenue will be specialty medications, compared with 3 medications in 2010 and 5 in 2012. The 2013-2014 Economic Report on Retail, Mail, and Specialty Pharmacies estimates that by 2018 these specialty pharmaceuticals will account for 50% of the total United States drug spending.

Specialty medications are high cost, often require special handling procedures and involve complex treatment regimens that require ongoing clinical monitoring and patient education. CPPA defines a specialty pharmacy practice as one that (1) manages the medication access and handling requirements of specialty pharmaceuticals, including dispensing and distribution and (2) provides clinical management services for patients with chronic, serious, life-threatening and/or rare disease or conditions who receive specialty medications designed to achieve the desired patient therapeutic and economic outcomes.

CPPA standards are intended to foster medication safety and effectiveness, ensure continuous quality improvement, and facilitate desired patient health outcomes in specialty pharmacy practices. The voluntary Specialty Pharmacy Practice Accreditation Program will provide those pharmacies that offer specialty pharmacy services and dispense specialty medications the opportunity to receive recognition for quality and exemplary practices while establishing value. 

“Specialty pharmacy practice involves a great deal of complex and high-cost patient care,” stated Lynnae Mahaney, BSPharm, MBA, FASHP, CPPA Executive Director. “A pharmacy practice that is undergoing the CPPA specialty accreditation process has shown a commitment to the highest level of pharmacy care and cost effective outcomes for patients receiving specialty medications, which distinguishes that practice within the health care system.

Diplomat Pharmacy Inc., headquartered in Flint, MI, is one of the first specialty pharmacy practices going through CPPA accreditation for its pharmacies and specialty at retail support programs.

For more information about the CPPA accreditation process, including standards, a self-assessment tool, and application materials, visit

About the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation
The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA), a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit organization, was launched in 2012 as a partnership among the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) to create national, voluntary accreditation programs that meet the public’s need for specific, predictable, and measurable pharmacy-based patient care services. CPPA offers the general public and users of pharmacy services a means of identifying pharmacy practices that satisfy the accreditation criteria and are focused on advancing patient care, safety and quality. For more information, visit