The Accreditation Applicant Responsibilities:

The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA) program is designed to provide a means by which the public may readily identify pharmacies that are appropriately licensed, have agreed to comply with federal and state laws/regulations governing pharmacy practice, and have agreed to adhere to CPPA‘s Standards, Criteria, and other requirements of the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation program.


The Pharmacy Practice will:

  • Verify that they are licensed or registered in good standing.
  • Provide information to verify that staff and contractors affiliated with the practice are appropriately licensed or registered and in good standing in all applicable jurisdictions.
  • Comply with all applicable statutes and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy.
  • Provide information necessary to verify compliance with the accreditation standards.
  • Maintain and enforce a comprehensive policy and Procedure process.
  • Provide patient care services as specified in the standards
  • Maintain a quality improvement program.
  • Provide CPPA access to their facility and review all applicable records during a compliance survey.
  • Inform CPPA of any conflict of interest with the CPPA surveyor.