New US health care models focus on improving the quality of care and health outcomes and lowering health care costs. Trends indicate an increasing focus on providers and practice sites that can deliver quality health care, improve patient outcomes, and use resources effectively. These trends align perfectly with the goals and objectives of CPPA, which focus on the following values:

  • CPPA-accredited pharmacy practices offer high-quality, safe, and efficient patient care services to improve the health outcomes of the public and contribute to overall lower health care costs.
  • CPPA accreditation signifies to patients, payers, and providers an advanced and consistent level of patient care services, quality, and safety for a superior health care value.
  • CPPA accreditation enables reporting of outcomes measures and provision of safe and effective patient care, which differentiate the CPPA-accredited pharmacy practice from others in the marketplace.

Pharmacy practice accreditation meets the public’s need for specific, predictable, and measurable pharmacy-based patient care services. Voluntary accreditation programs recognize pharmacy practices committed to quality, patient safety, and improved care. The standards outline specific performance areas for community pharmacy practices to achieve accreditation.