Program Overview

Established standards help to guide, describe and gain recognition for innovative, high-quality, safe and effective practices.

CPPA Accreditation Standards:

  • Facilitate the delivery of high-quality care, medication safety, and efficient patient care by requiring:
    - A continuous quality improvement process that focuses on safe medication distribution processes, internal operations, and quality in pharmacy practice.
    - The use of patient care data to advance patient care, enhance medication safety, and improve delivery of care.
  • Enable differentiation from non-CPPA accredited pharmacy practice and  statutory and licensure requirements.
  • Harmonize with existing accreditation programs to enhance quality, support efficiencies, and decrease administrative burden.
  • Enable the practice to sustain a viable business model.
  • Align with national regulatory and organizational accreditation standards.

CPPA Accreditation Programs:

  • Promote practice innovation within the pharmacy profession and empower pharmacists to practice at a higher level as a means to continually improve the quality of patient care services.
  • Ensure measurable, safe, and effective patient care is provided.
  • Enable a critical mass of pharmacy practitioners to achieve the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP) 2015 Vision for Pharmacy Practice.
  • Enable pharmacy networks to recognize those practices that provide a higher level of patient care and provide consistent care to patients.