Patient Satisfaction Survey

CPPA Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient satisfaction is an important metric for gaining recognition and differentiation in the health care marketplace, not only with patients, but with other health care providers and payers. A tool that measures patient satisfaction can go a long way toward providing the kinds of information and data you need to assess the value of new or planned services as well as how to improve existing services.

To help CPPA-accredited pharmacy practices meet required Standard 3.4 of the CPPA Community Pharmacy Practice Standards (see below) and to promote consistency in measuring patient satisfaction, CPPA is very pleased to provide a new patient survey tool.  Accredited pharmacy practices should either use this tool in its current form or integrate its seven core elements and questions into existing consumer satisfaction survey(s).

Standard 3.3: The pharmacy practice uses consumer feedback regarding pharmacy staff and patient care services with the intent of improving patient satisfaction and outcomes of care.

The CPPA Board of Directors has approved specific guidance related to the survey process for meeting this standard.  It is recommended that accredited pharmacy practices conduct patient satisfaction surveys using the following parameters:

  • Conduct the survey at least every six months
  • Use different modalities to offer the survey (paper, electronic) to gather as many responses as possible.  Electronic options could be included on the practice website; Survey Monkey or similar online programs can be used.
  • Offer the survey to enough constituents to get a broad representation from the practice and an accurate assessment of satisfaction with the pharmacy and services. (Note that there is no required response rate each time the survey is conducted.)  
  • Use a five-point satisfaction rating scale (poor, fair, good, very good, excellent) as well as open-ended questions.
  • Survey both inactive and active patients

CPPA plans to collect, de-identify, and aggregate survey data from accredited practices to show value through  patient satisfaction scores.   Please contact CPPA if you have any questions about the survey tool or parameters for conducting surveys (; 202-558-2712).