Benefits and Outcomes

CPPA accreditation indicates measurable, safe, and effective patient care is being provided by the accredited pharmacy practice.

Practices offering the services specified in the standards will likely have a higher value in new payment models, such as accountable care organizations.

Provider and payer networks will have greater confidence the pharmacy practice has a consistent level of service and can improve patient outcomes. Accreditation by CPPA will signify to payers, patients, and providers that the pharmacy practice is recognized for providing an advanced level of patient care, services, quality, and safety for a superior health care value.

A CPPA-accredited pharmacy practice will be recognized for providing an advanced level of patient care, services, quality, and safety—which distinguishes that practice and its value within the health care system. CPPA accreditation aligns with the national health care trends enabling a pharmacy to adapt its practice to the following:

National trend toward accreditation of all health care organizations and programs 

CPPA accreditation:

  • Uses standards developed by the profession
  • Assists in meeting the demand for proof of competency and value
  • Helps define the future of pharmacy practice

Opportunity to raise the level of pharmacy-delivered patient care services and gain recognition

CPPA accreditation:

  • Empowers pharmacists to practice at a higher level
  • Provides a means for continued improvement of the quality of patient care services
  • Recognizes high-quality practices, which attracts the best and the brightest

Payment structures are changing in US Health Care System

CPPA accreditation standards:

  • Emphasize comprehensive and continuous medical care
  • Focus on maximizing health outcomes
  • Enable the practice to provide evidence of quality assessment including quality outcomes measures
  • Require the practice to collect patient experience and care outcomes to demonstrate the value of the patient care services provided
  • Serve as a step in achieving provider status

Payer selection of pharmacy providers is narrowing

CPPA accreditation will:

  • Satisfy the demand for quality, safety, and a consistent level of patient care services
  • Provide distinction where network limitation trends are occurring (i.e., preferred pharmacies)
  • Provide a foundation for performance contracts based on star ratings