Why Accreditation?

Patients receive the highest quality care from a CPPA accredited pharmacy practice.

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A CPPA accredited pharmacy practice provides safe and effective care differentiating it from others in the marketplace.

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CPPA accreditation signifies an advanced and consistent level of patient care services.

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A CPPA accredited pharmacy practice improves patient outcomes and contributes to overall lower healthcare costs. 

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By being part of this nationally recognized group of accredited pharmacy practices, you are supporting the highest level of standards offered by our industry.


About CPPA

The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA) recognizes pharmacy practices that provide an advanced level of patient care, services, quality, and safety.

CPPA accreditation indicates measurable, safe, and effective patient care is provided by that pharmacy practice. CPPA accreditation distinguishes those practices and their value within the healthcare system. Providers, patients and payers can have confidence the pharmacy practice has a consistent level of service and can improve patient outcomes.